Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello World!

Hey who remembers K &R? Don't know what that is? Don't feel bad, just Google it.

Anyway, I created this blog because a friend asked me how to and how much it would cost to set up a blog. There is one he really likes called and he was interested in trying his hand at building a blog.

Well I've been doing computer programming for 30 years and have been in the thick of the whole internet 'thing' for lack of a better term. And when someone asks me a question like that I either know the answer or know how to get one quickly. And sure enough I saw the blogspot icon pop up on the Firefox tab when I went and looked at

I then went to (which redirected me to, but so what) and found that it was all free! Great! I sent my friend an email and gave him the good news. Now he is getting up the momentum to get a blog of his own. So I know the next question is something like "Hey I want to do so and so on my new blog. Can I do that?" So I thought I'd best get a first hand look at how this is done and here I am.

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